Luis Gabriel Chaves Calderon has more than 8 years of experience in the development, management and operation of Green Energy Projects in the Central American region. Mr. Chaves has participated in the development of power generation projects, with an installed capacity of 60MW and valued in more than US$ 150 million.

Previously, from 2009 to April 2015, he was Director of Engineering and Project Development at Grupo Ecoenergia VL S.A., a company that develops, operates, and performs routine maintenance on clean energy projects.

Mr. Chaves is also Owner and Founder of Energova Engineering Solutions S.A., a multidisciplinary company based in Costa Rica providing independent services for the energy sector (wind + solar) and construction.

Luis Gabriel is Costarican and is fluent in Spanish, English and German.

Holds a degree in Electromechanial Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica and an MBA from INCAE Business School.